Svart kung

Chess. Every move is like a choice in life, not always possible to correct if it goes wrong. The old man Johannes will not loose his faith in Leon that at an early age face a reality he cannot manage to master. Life becomes a grid of fast money, drugs and crime that punishes Leon’s closest. Checkmate? Choices made today will have consequences tomorrow.

Black King is about youth crime and how small choices later in life can have major consequences for yourself and your surroundings. Black King is written and directed by Ronnie Brolin (Älska mig, Sweden 2009) with purpose to create discussions around crime prevention, peer pressure and violence. The story is based on research and dialogues with youngsters and authorities in Sweden.


Sverige 2014

Speltid: 77 minuter

Producent: Ronnie Brolin

Regi: Ronnie Brolin

Manus: Ronnie Brolin & Jenny Larsson

Foto: Jon Lönn & Andreas Hansen

Klippning: Ronnie Brolin

Ljud: Linus Gidstedt

Musik: David Malm


iFocus Film & Multimedia AB
I rollerna

Leon − Rikard Björk

Unga Leon − Alexander Strömberg

Johannes − Hans Mosesson

Linn − Hanna Christiansson

Unga Linn − Rebecca Svensson

Hanna − Kristin Högberg

Amir − Arash Bolouri

Josef − Tomas Anshelm

Ruben − Anoshirvan Parvazi

Stella − Jessica Nilsson

Marko − Andreas Andersson

Mikael − David Holst